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We specialise in procuring all types of Aluminum Bronzes as per all major international standards in shapes and sizes listed. We also source and deliver in bulk special bronzes as per the buyers' specifications as well scraps of uniform composition of Alu. Bronzes and Mn. Bonzes generated in Ship Breaking Industries (commonly known as propeller scraps).  Most of these alloys are often readily available in bulk in India. 

For detailed specification and photograph of the AB-alloys, please refer the chart below and follow the link

Plant Alloy

Commonly Known as

Equals to Specifications

U.S. EU/Others
FB-AB01 91Cu-7Al-2Fe C61400  CW303G
FB-AB02 82Cu-10Al-5Ni-4Fe C63000 CW307G
FB-AB03 82Cu-10Al-5Ni-4Fe C63200 UK  AB-2


C95300 CC331G/AB-1
FB-AB05 85Cu-4Fe-11Al C95400  
FB-AB06 81Cu-4Fe-4Ni-11Al C95500 CC333G/AB-2
FB-AB07 75Cu-3Fe-8Al-2Ni-12Mn C95700  CC212E/CMA1
FB-AB08 82Cu-4Fe-9Al-4Ni-1Mn C95800 CA104  

To ensure that our buyers get the alloys most suitable to their specific applications, we always welcome/encourage them to specify the chemical composition they need and also the sub-limits in the ranges of any given element - such as Ni should be more than Fe, or elements included in "others" should not exceed 0.05 by naming the elements (like As, Pb or Si). 

We do so with a view to render better properties to the products our Buyers produce from the alloys they buy from us.

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