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    Our Business Principles / Ethics

Standard of Conduct

We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity and openness, and with respect for the human rights and legitimate interests of all those with whom we have any type of relationship.

Obeying the Law

We always endeavor our best to comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which our buyers, our suppliers and we operate.


We are committed to establishing mutually beneficial relations with our customers and suppliers and maintain the relationship with integrity.

a. Buyers: We are committed to ensure delivery of the products/goods to our buyers have bought through us - of the quality requisitioned and within the time agreed. We assume all responsibilities of "the best supplier". We mean all our commitments - in letter and spirit.

b. Suppliers: We are committed to fetch the best and fairmost price possible for the scraps offered for sale and ensure strict adherence to the terms of payment etc.. We monitor receipt of goods in such a way that fictitious quality complaints to seek any concession does not arise. We act fairly and reasonably.

Business Integrity: We do not give to or receive from, whether directly or indirectly, bribes or other improper advantages for securing any business or financial gain from any customer, supplier or their employees. Furthermore, we never solicit or induce disloyalty amongst the employees of our customers/ buyers to their organisations and never seek any "insider" information for any kind of our gain.

Compliance - Monitoring: We have "of our free will and choice" set these principles for us and continuously monitor our Compliance therewith for the sake of our own conscience and satisfaction.

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