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We usually procure only those Manganese Bronzes - which have unique applications or which stipulate a stringent quality standard / narrower range of alloying elements. 

Most of these alloys are economical to produce as they are produced by recycling ship-propeller scrap in a modern foundry.

These alloys are available in the form of Round Billets of Dia 122-25mm and cut-to-desired length (min.20mm and max.1200mm) or in the form of ingots as specified by the buyers.

FB-MNB01  65Cu-2Fe-2Mn-4Al C67000 -
FB-MNB02  59Cu-2Mn C67300 -
FB-MNB03  57Cu-3Mn C67400 -

To ensure that our buyers get the alloys most suitable to their specific applications, we always welcome/encourage them to specify the chemical composition they need and also the sub-limits in the ranges of given element - such as Mn should be more than Fe, or elements included in "others" should not exceed 0.05 by naming the elements (like As, Pb or Si)

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