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The Special Brasses we produce are High Tensile Brasses, Naval Brasses, Architectural Bronzes and Forging Brasses. These alloys are mostly produced in the form of BILLETS ready to use for production of semis.  

FB-BRS01 57Cu-40Zn-3Pb C38500 Din 2.0401
FB-BRS02 61.5Cu-35.5Zn-3Pb C36000 Din 2.0375
FB-BRS03 71Cu-28Zn-1Sn C44300 Din 2.0470
FB-BRS04 60Cu-39.2Zn-0.8Sn C46400 Din - 2.0530
FB-BRS05 CuZn40-Mn1-Pb1-AlFeSn - EU-CW721R
FB-BRS06 CuZn40-Mn1-Pb1-FeSn - EU-CW722R
FB-BRS07 CuZn35-Ni3Mn2AlPb - EU-CW710R
FB-BRS08 CuZn35Mn2Al1Fe1 - HTB-1
FB-BRS09 CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3 - HTB-3

To ensure that our buyers get the alloys most suitable to their specific applications, we always welcome/encourage them to specify the chemical composition they need and also the sub-limits in the ranges of given element - such as stipulating sub-limits of the trace-elements along with the maximum limit for the total impurities or sum total of un-named elements. such as total impurities (max) 0.30 % including Fe+Al not to exceed 0.20 % etc. and also to seek detailed analysis showing specific metals (traces). 

We do so with a view to render better properties to the products our Buyers produce from the alloys they buy from us.

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