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    What we do (Purchases)

1.   Identification of multiple Manufacturers

Once we know your requirement (all specifics), we identify all the manufacturers who are producing and exporting the products. We interact with them and shortlist a few as qualified. Those become qualified who have the potential to deliver. We personally visit them to evaluate their installed capacity, equipments, process and track-record.

2.   Submission of Offers to sale/Acceptance of Orders

We obtain from them either their offers to sale enlisting all the essentials or get their written explicit acceptance on the purchase order issued by you.

3.   Intermittent Inspections:

We personally visit the manufacturers to monitor/supervise the progress made for execution of order at appropriate periodical interval. The job includes identification and marking of goods after cross-checking the quality parameters - including the chemical analysis and physical properties - wherever stipulated.

4.   Pre-shipment Inspection: 

We do physical supervision of stuffing of goods into the container. Our job includes drawing of samples and getting them analysed again to ensure conformity with the specification, random measuring and complete weighment. A detailed packing-list counter signed by us alongwith atleast five photographs of the materials taken while loading the container and heat-wise summary of chemical analysis is then e-mailed to the buyer. (A copy is pasted on inner-side of the container and original sent with Invoice/Bl etc to the buyer.

The cross-check and verify the details of Inputs used, melting temperature, degassing temperature, degassing agents used, slag removals, sample-drawing with spectro-analysis and pouring temperature logged at the manufacturers' works.

5.  Documentation/Certification :

We give due importance to the documentation by the Manufacturers at each and every stage of production and shipping. We ensure that they keep all the records concerning quality parameters/norms observed and complied with. We collect authenticated copies and submit to the buyers.

The buyers always get spectro analysis reports (average of three readings) of each batch of ingots/billets/rods (uniquely numbered) produced and shipped. To facilitate easy end-use, we ensure that the ingots/billets/rods of one batch are packed on one pallet and attach the original copy of the analysis reports. The duplicate copy of the analysis reports and a summary stating number of ingots and net weight are sent along with the invoice.

If desired by the buyers, we arrange to send representative samples for approval before we allow the sellers to ship the consignment. Critical Alu Bronze Alloys with very narrow tolerance often warrant such an exercise.

5.   Our Responsibility:

We undertake complete responsibility for timely delivery of the goods of quality stipulated. The acceptance of the Purchase Order and Terms thereof with our role as the buyer's agents empowered to take legal action for payment of agreed compensation directly to the Buyer is a pre-condition to ensure our performance.

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