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You can Sell through us in Indian Market

1.  We sell different types of scraps mainly non-ferrous metal scraps of Copper (Berry, Birch, Candy etc.), of Brass (Honey, Labels, Pallu, Pales, Nomad etc.) of Aluminum (talk, Telon etc.) of Zinc (Scrore and Die-castings) as well as big pump housings, condensers etc. of different alloys to various Indian Importers of repute. 

     And also Plastic Scraps like Pet Bottles (bailed) clear and mixed, Acrylic Scraps (sheet off-cuts and regrinds), HDPE film scraps and flexible PVC scraps.

2.  The usual terms of payment opted generally by our customers are CAD through Bank; business is often done through irrevocable letter of credit negotiable at any international bank of repute or against some payment in advance by the buyers. 

3.  The minimum quantity (of either a single type or a mixed lot of known scrap) needs to be a full container load.

4.   The price quotes need to be CIF (Any Indian Major Port). However, at times we have sold on fob (the shipper's port) basis.

For scrap offers, please contact us at:


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