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    What we do (Sales)

Our Tasks – for selling your scraps

1.   Identification of multiple Importers (Buyers)

Once we know all specifics of what you want to SELL, we identify all the importers (buyers) who import such scraps and who are inclined to buy.  We interact with them and shortlist a few as qualified. Those become qualified who have the potential to buy and who do not have any outstanding unfulfilled commitments.  We take into account the containers lying at port and visit the buyers to evaluate the demand vis-à-vis their track-record of fulfilling their commitments.

2.   Submission of Offers to buy or Acceptance of your offers

We are always able to sell your scraps at fair price (the contemporary market price of similar scraps from identical origin) or will else revert back to you with valid counter bids. We act fairly and always try to get you the optimum possible. We strictly follow your instructions and never raise buyers' expectations for making an easy-sell. 

3.   Intermittent Follow-ups:

We do keep in touch with you and the buyers and keep everyone abreast of developments. We meticulously do follow-ups to ensure that you get the copies of L/Cs or bank-advices for the advance payments made. Similarly, we advise the shipping details to the buyers as soon as we receive to help them plan better their inventory-levels.

4.   Payment of Documents and receipt of materials, affirms our ability to perform.

We do all that is needed to be done to ensure that the documents are paid in time in case of CAD Sales. We also track the arrival of containers at port. Should there be any quality complaint by the buyers, we ensure that unloading is done under our supervision and videographed. Evaluation of quality is done in our presence as advised and required by the sellers. 

The whole procedure we follow is such as do not leave any room for false complaints of quality and at the same time genuine complaints are attended to satisfactorily. The fact that we had only three quality claims in last two years in our sales of more than 500 containers.

5.   Our Responsibility:

We undertake complete responsibility for timely delivery of the goods of quality stipulated on your behalf to the buyers and their timely fulfillment of their commitments of payment to you. We guarantee the performance and make good the loss - if any incurred by you or by the buyers. This is our value-addition. 

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